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A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 6: Go Team Vampire!

Work on HexPop! is moving along. More of the UI clicky bits can be clicked. More and more of the necessary input can be inputted. Learning several new technologies at once -- Javascript, Electron, React, Redux, Semantic UI -- is quite a mind and time drain. But excited and hopeful to have a beta version in front of people soon. 

Anyway, events from last session.

Prep Time

At the conclusion of the previous session, the players wanted to follow up on information about a magical artifact hidden in a sundial atop a tower in one of the nearby squares on their map. So I spent a little time with the tables in A Red & Pleasant Land and Vornheim and wrote up a short adventure to the top of the tower.

Any guesses where the players didn't go this session?


  • Wolfram Veta - Cleric of Vorn, Grim Gaunt God of Iron, Rust and Rain
  • Gor Orben - Amazon, "She is Gor"
  • Zeera Hargen - Magician, master of the stab-them-with-my-knife spell
and new player (co-worker visiting from a remote office who had been talking about wanting to play for months)
  • Eben Krawl - Roller of high numbers (14 STR, 17 DEX, 6 HP wtf!?)


  • Preparations around Castle Cachtice. The players really want to get their hands on a wagon. They had already placed a construction order for one, but hate waiting.
  • They decide to play on the carpenter's sense of pride. They invent a rumor that a rival carpenter has been bragging that their own work is superior. And faster!
  • Doesn't earn them an instant wagon. Although the carpenter, Tasha Skulk, does believe their fake rumor. It must be that upstart carpenter in square ##! He's after my position in the castle! I want him dead!
  • Yeah, players gonna be players. After a short discussion, they decide to ignore the sundial tower and follow-up on a different loose thread -- the wisps of smoke they had seen rising from the western forest way back when.
  • A journey to the west! An encounter with some Mome Raths along the way. These cause a few problems for the party, but our new player, Eben Krawl, comes through with some good rolls. (Seriously, he kept rolling exactly what was needed the whole night. It was sickening.)
  • They arrive at the western forest. The smoke rising from the woods turns out to be chimneys from a human village hidden in the woods -- an Orb Loc.
  • I roll up some details for a main NPC for the village. The priest of the local church believes that Zeera Hargen is the "chosen one" who has come to eliminate the vampires and restore reason to Voivodja.
  • Zeera has other ideas. If I bring fresh humans and information on their hiding place back to the Heart Queen, surely she'd reward me.
  • Being the "chosen one", it doesn't take much convincing. The most devout members of the church agree to follow Zeera on a "raid" on Castle Cachtice. Lambs to the slaughter.
  • The party arrives back at the castle. They quickly turn in their followers as an offering to the Queen of Hearts. And the Queen quickly dispatches a hunting party to the location of the Orb Loc.
  • She is extraordinarily pleased! So pleased that she will fulfill a minor request for each of the party members. Information. Treasure. Personnel.
  • Zeera makes a dark request -- make me a member of your House.
  • The Queen: "Do you understand what it is you ask? Are you prepared to surrender yourself to unreason? There is no going back?"
  • Zeera: "Let's do this"
  • Several guards escort Zeera away. He is taken to a room deep in the castle. Stripped naked. Bathed in milk and honey. Finally, the vampires make their attack.
  • Your humble referee: "The vampires violently descend upon you. Are you going to do anything? Last chance."
  • Zeera: "Doing nothing."
  • As the blood drains, all that was Zeera Hargen's mind vanishes. All that remains is an undead creature, a newly born vampire thrall, mind enslaved to the House of Hearts.
  • RIP Zeera Hargen

Questions before next session

Biggest question on my mind: Does Castle Cachtice have some kind of village attached to it? The players have settled on this as their home base. Until now, I've kind of handwaved where they're buying supplies, where they're finding craftsmen, etc. The map of the castle in AR&PL doesn't have much of a general living area for anyone aside from the royalty. Probably time to decide what a Wonderland vampire village next to a Wonderland vampire castle would actually be like.

What worked well?

Once again, Into the Odd knocks it out of the park with being able to get brand new players into the game.

I also ran the Mome Rath encounter using the Electric Bastionland roll-all-damage-keep-the-highest combat rules. I liked how it turned out. Combat still went quickly -- only about 3 rounds. But not the first round slaughter that sometimes happened with straight ItO rules.

What didn't

I was honestly a little disappointed with how the hidden village played out. I didn't feel like I had a sense of how to run the place. My own lack of preparation showing, probably.

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