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Blank Map for Squarecrawls

Just a quick post of materials that might be useful to some people. 

Are you running A Red & Pleasant Land? Are you running a hexcrawl but prefer your 6-sided figures to have only 4-sides?

I've made the blank maps I use with my group available here:

There's a single, letter-sized map; the big map split into 9 letter-sized sheets that can be taped together; and a single, full-sized map if you wanted to have it printed as a poster. Squares on the big maps are 3/4", as that's the diameter of the bases for my cardstock miniatures.
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Dragon Warrior and How I Discovered Into the Odd

Continuation from Part 1

So I already talked about my quest to run dungeons for my players that feel as tense to them as Dragon Warrior's dungeons did to me. I talked about trying a game, Torchbearer, that had systems built around emphasizing the things I thought that tension was about: the importance of light, limited resources, dwindling life. And about how I eventually found more of my mental energy going to managing those systems than to my campaign.

Let's take a detour back to Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest.

More specifically, let's look at combat in Dragon Warrior. It's pretty basic. Only 4 actions to choose from: FIGHT, RUN, SPELL, ITEM. Seemingly worlds apart from the "free to try anything, and your referee will come up with a ruling" land of OSR and other tabletop RPGs. Even by comparison to other JRPGs, it looks like a limited and kind of boring list of choices. Compare it to, say, Final Fantasy 5, with its huge system of jobs, skills, summons, differ…

Dungeon in a Cigar Box

This has popped up in several pictures I've posted.

This is the dungeon-in-a-cigar-box that I built. Absolutely nobody asked about this, but I'm going to write about it anyway.
Inspiration for this came from this CRIT KIT Kickstarter that I missed out on:

Stumbled upon that a couple months back and thought it looked cool. Portable box that functions as a dice tray, dice & mini storage, and modular dungeon. Thought it would be a fun project to try building myself.

Additionally, you already know I love some Dragon Warrior.

Thought I'd make my dungeon floor and walls resemble that.
Bill of materialsI picked up most of this stuff at Michaels. Any arts & crafts store likely has comparable items.

Wooden cigar box: & stick red felt: couple sheets o…

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 3: Tower of the Stargazer

Wrap-up of this Thursday's hijinx in Voivodja. Will try to get a post of actual gameable content up again soon.
Prep TimeNot much this time. Mostly reorganizing my table notes. Did one small thing that made a big difference. Pulled all of the sheet protectors out of my 3-ring binder and, instead, joined them together with loose-leaf rings. Like these:

Can fold my notes flat, and it takes up way less space on my already crowded table.

My notes are usually populated with hexcrawl procedures, random tables and drop tables I most frequently use, and any tables from A Red & Pleasant Land I'd want to roll on while looking at a different page in that book.
PlayersWolfram Veta - Cleric of Vorn, Grim Gaunt God of Iron, Rust and RainGor Orben - Amazon, "She is Gor"Jasmine the Other Seer - Frequently caught on her own while foragingJhovan the Wanderer - Alistair, seeker of cake recipesOrv Gaster - Alis…

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 2: The Big Map

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your hamburgers, hot dogs, fireworks, and campaign logs.
Prep TimeFirst big item of prep work was this:

Mentioned last time that the hexcrawl process felt a little slow. Especially describing terrain types of surrounding hexes each-and-every time the PCs moved. Thought it would be quicker to just have a big map that I could color in terrain on as they move. Every square is 3/4" -- large enough the fit a penny-based miniature in.

Pros: Faster. Looks nice. Fun artifact we can hang up in our office at the completion of the campaign.

Cons: No easy way to get lost now. Even using the spatial distortion rules, the party will always know what square they are in.

Fair trade-off to me.

Remainder of prep work was mostly keying in squares near the same path the party traveled before.
PlayersZeera Hargen - Magician, master of the stab-them-with-my-knife spellGor Orben - Amazon, "She is Gor"Korgen Whitewheel - Cleric of Tittivilla, Horned Goddess of All FleshTaybul…

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 1: Into the Odd

Running the next session on Thursday, so let's hurry up and get this campaign log up-to-date.
Big changes This was basically a relaunch of our A Red & Pleasant Land campaign. Continued with the same characters and same prior events, but with the following changes: Changed the system to Into the OddRunning it as a full sandbox hexcrawlSome rough conversion of characters from Torchbearer to Into the Odd and we were off. EventsWe last left our characters under the patronage of the Heart Queen, hoping to prove themselves better scouts than meals. To kick off the hexcrawl, I gave the players the following:
A blank map to start filling in. (This is what was explored this session.)

A rough map provided by the House of Hearts showing the extents of their territory. Marked is the eastern tower that the Queen wishes them to visit and report back on.
Gor, Jhovan, and Orv set out from Castle Cachtice. On the way out, Gor is given final words of advice from his thornchild-sensei: "Trust the …