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Silent Titans, Part 1: Whiskey, Hogs, and Roofies

After a long wait, it finally arrived:  So much swag  Feverishly digested it over several nights. Invited players in with promises of British cheekiness, Arthurian legends, Nausicaa , Alien -esque body horror, and Jacob's Ladder  style "your world is no longer correct" creepiness. But no clear explanation of what's going to happen. Cause I need their minds wrecked. Prep time So I have these wonderful map and paper miniature books that Jacob Hurst went to great lengths to select the best cardstock for use at the table. But now I can't bring myself to take scissors to them. They're too nice! I might want to run Silent Titans  again sometime! (I shouldn't fool myself. With the backlog of adventure modules I have and limited game time, this is my one chance to ever run this. Hey, me. Cut the books up. Write notes in them. Do it... ) I re-printed everything onto lesser cardstock and cut that up instead. I split the map for the first titan