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"Into the Odd" is "Left 4 Dead"

There was a discussion today on the Into the Odd Discord about how to describe "generic" Critical Damage and recovery. What do you tell players happened to their characters when they fail a STR save? What exactly do their allies do to get them back on their feet? My response was that I describe it in a very " Left 4 Dead -like" manner. "Generic" Critical Damage knocks you to the ground like in L4D . Later on, your friends pick you up, slap you awake, give you some water and quick bandaging. Not too worried about detail or realism in my descriptions. Yes, this Left 4 Dead My mind immediately went further down this path. The design of Into the Odd really is like Left 4 Dead in a lot of ways. Critical Damage Into the Odd: Knocked out of action, will bleed out in an hour if not assisted by someone. Left 4 Dead: Knocked to the ground and largely out of the action. Will eventually die if not assisted by someone. Recovery from Critical Damage