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"Into the Odd" is "Left 4 Dead"

There was a discussion today on the Into the Odd Discord about how to describe "generic" Critical Damage and recovery. What do you tell players happened to their characters when they fail a STR save? What exactly do their allies do to get them back on their feet?

My response was that I describe it in a very "Left 4 Dead -like" manner. "Generic" Critical Damage knocks you to the ground like in L4D. Later on, your friends pick you up, slap you awake, give you some water and quick bandaging. Not too worried about detail or realism in my descriptions.

My mind immediately went further down this path. The design of Into the Odd really is like Left 4 Dead in a lot of ways.
Critical DamageInto the Odd: Knocked out of action, will bleed out in an hour if not assisted by someone.
Left 4 Dead: Knocked to the ground and largely out of the action. Will eventually die if not assisted by someone.
Recovery from Critical DamageInto the Odd: Somebody picks you up after combat, …

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 9: Ballroom Blitz

More bare minimum note taking. 
Prep Time Quickly drawn and populated map for the Interior area where the Loach is being held captive. Consulted hex contents in the HexPop! notebook for ideas. 
Gor Orben - Amazon, "She is Gor" Borus Bleeve - Borus the one-handed. Borus the hand collector. Borus of the two right hands. Karl Min Valé - Another first-time TTRPG player. Possibly the owner of "Min Valé Industries".
Events The players arrive at the exposed entrance to the Interior -- a library -- during the morning. The decide to head in alone rather than waiting for nightfall for their vampire companions to be able to accompany them.They find several useful books, mostly on biology and diseases. These can be used later as part of the "books provide d10 uses of information related to their topic" rule.At the back of the library is a staircase leading down into the Interior. The party heads down.They find a tunnel whose floor is strewn in books, dead rats a…

A Red & Pleasant Land, Part 8: Random-encounter-dice-rolling-hot-streak

More rapid catch-up before this week's game. The next several campaign logs are going to be low on detail and entertainment value. All of my free time continues to go to HexPop! development. Basically going to do the bare minimum here to record session notes.
Prep TimeYeah, that didn't happen. HexPop! prototype notebook is making it easy enough to run everything ad-hoc.
Taybull Legg - Alistair, keeper of the buzzy boyJhovan the Wanderer - Alistair, seeker of cake recipesBorus Bleeve - Borus the one-handed. Borus the hand collector
EventsSince the last session finished off in the middle of a dungeon, I gave the players a choice. Start off where you left off, but with no recovery to any ability damage? Or start back at home (Castle Cachtice), well rested, but with some random rolls to see what potentially bad stuff happened to you on the way home?The players also had to consider that not everyone who played last time was here. Meaning not all of their expedition resources