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A Simple Resource Management System - without commentary

A simple resource management system for Into the OddInventoryEach character has 8 slots to carry items.All items are either normal or Bulky (per Electric Bastionland).Normal items take 1 slot.Bulky items take 2 slots.Note, there is no "X quantity of this item fits in 1 slot". e.g. If you have 4 vials of poison, it takes 4 slots to carry them.
EncumbrancePer my magic rules, carrying 1 or more Bulky items makes spell casting risky.

Per Electric Bastionland, carrying 2 or more Bulky items puts you at risk of becoming Deprived from fatigue. (In EB, Deprived means you can no longer regain HP during Short Rests.)
TreasureA single treasure is treated as a single, indivisible item.Most treasures are Bulky.Some treasures are Unwieldy -- they cannot be carried in your inventory. You must come up with a plan, equipment, personnel, etc. to transport them.WealthAside from treasures, all other monies -- small amount of coins you loot from bodies, value of treasures after they've been sol…

A Simple Resource Management System for Into the Odd

Rules without the commentary available here.

My mind is still on resource management systems. 

Into the Odd (ItO) doesn't have one and, to be honest, doesn't need one. Plenty of tension to be found via description rather than tracking individual rations. ItO is lightweight, fast, and runs great if you simply assume that, as written, the expedition always has food, water, light, camping & climbing equipment. 

So why bother with managing resources? 
Character customizationLike with Ben Milton's new Knave (, I like the idea of a character's role being determined by what kind of equipment they are carrying. Want to be a "fighter" in a classless system like ItO? Carry large, powerful weapons and wear armor. Want to be a "magic user"? Carry lots of Arcana (or spellbooks). A "specialist" (to use the LotFP term)? Carry lots of tools, poison vials, flashbangs, etc.

But customization like this works best if there is a l…

How I'm Handling Magic

No deep analysis this time, just jotting down ideas for my Into the Odd campaign...
How magic worksWill keep Into the Odd classless and keep the "all magic is items" idea from Arcanum.Characters receive spellbooks in place of arcanum during character generation.Like in Odditional Materials, Knave, etc. a single spell is contained in a single spellbook.Must be carrying the book in hand to cast the spell.Each spellbook can only be used once per day.Trying to pull additional daily uses from a book is considered "risky casting" -- possibility of spell miscast.No spell levels, as described in Vaginas are Magic and Wonder & Wickedness.If the flavor text describes a material component, it is required and will take up inventory space.Spell listsWonder & WickednessMarvels & MallisonsVaginas are MagicJames Edward Raggi IV's Eldritch Cock (if I can ever get a copy)Level-less conversions of spells from Better Than Any ManLevel-less conversions of any spells refe…

Blank Map for Squarecrawls

Just a quick post of materials that might be useful to some people. 

Are you running A Red & Pleasant Land? Are you running a hexcrawl but prefer your 6-sided figures to have only 4-sides?

I've made the blank maps I use with my group available here:

There's a single, letter-sized map; the big map split into 9 letter-sized sheets that can be taped together; and a single, full-sized map if you wanted to have it printed as a poster. Squares on the big maps are 3/4", as that's the diameter of the bases for my cardstock miniatures.

Dragon Warrior and How I Discovered Into the Odd

Continuation from Part 1

So I already talked about my quest to run dungeons for my players that feel as tense to them as Dragon Warrior's dungeons did to me. I talked about trying a game, Torchbearer, that had systems built around emphasizing the things I thought that tension was about: the importance of light, limited resources, dwindling life. And about how I eventually found more of my mental energy going to managing those systems than to my campaign.

Let's take a detour back to Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest.

More specifically, let's look at combat in Dragon Warrior. It's pretty basic. Only 4 actions to choose from: FIGHT, RUN, SPELL, ITEM. Seemingly worlds apart from the "free to try anything, and your referee will come up with a ruling" land of OSR and other tabletop RPGs. Even by comparison to other JRPGs, it looks like a limited and kind of boring list of choices. Compare it to, say, Final Fantasy 5, with its huge system of jobs, skills, summons, differ…

Dungeon in a Cigar Box

This has popped up in several pictures I've posted.

This is the dungeon-in-a-cigar-box that I built. Absolutely nobody asked about this, but I'm going to write about it anyway.
Inspiration for this came from this CRIT KIT Kickstarter that I missed out on:

Stumbled upon that a couple months back and thought it looked cool. Portable box that functions as a dice tray, dice & mini storage, and modular dungeon. Thought it would be a fun project to try building myself.

Additionally, you already know I love some Dragon Warrior.

Thought I'd make my dungeon floor and walls resemble that.
Bill of materialsI picked up most of this stuff at Michaels. Any arts & crafts store likely has comparable items.

Wooden cigar box: & stick red felt: couple sheets o…