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Use Critical Damage to make your critters memorable

Earlier today, I answered a similar, Into the Odd  related question asked on both G+ and /r/osr . The question was, basically, how to go about converting old school, B/X style creatures to ItO . My answer echoed earlier advice I'd heard from Chris McDowall -- don't sweat the numbers. Make your creatures interesting in other ways. This got me thinking about one of the things I really like in ItO  that I don't exploit enough -- unique consequences for Critical Damage. Usually, Critical Damage (a failed save after taking damage to your Strength) knocks you unconscious until your allies can assist you. However, some of the example creatures in ItO  have special consequences if you take Critical Damage against them. One creature might swallow you whole. Another might crawl down your throat and lay eggs. This is a really powerful way to make a creature memorable. And requires little thinking over math, mechanics, or balance. The player has already failed their Saving Thro