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Silent Titans, Part 1: Whiskey, Hogs, and Roofies

After a long wait, it finally arrived:  So much swag  Feverishly digested it over several nights. Invited players in with promises of British cheekiness, Arthurian legends, Nausicaa , Alien -esque body horror, and Jacob's Ladder  style "your world is no longer correct" creepiness. But no clear explanation of what's going to happen. Cause I need their minds wrecked. Prep time So I have these wonderful map and paper miniature books that Jacob Hurst went to great lengths to select the best cardstock for use at the table. But now I can't bring myself to take scissors to them. They're too nice! I might want to run Silent Titans  again sometime! (I shouldn't fool myself. With the backlog of adventure modules I have and limited game time, this is my one chance to ever run this. Hey, me. Cut the books up. Write notes in them. Do it... ) I re-printed everything onto lesser cardstock and cut that up instead. I split the map for the first titan

"The Gardens of Ynn" Referee Control Panels

I recently picked up Emmy Allen 's excellent The Gardens of Ynn , and I think this will be the next adventure I run. I still have an itch for Alice in Wonderland -esque adventure, and this seems like it will scratch that nicely. (Side note: Rather than diving into another long, continuous campaign, I think I'm going to run a series of shorter adventures connected only by players keeping the same characters between them. Embrace the picaresque. Work through my collection of great OSR adventures.) One of the things about running Ynn  that looks like it will be a challenge is the amount of random rolling that needs to be done. Everything is procedurally generated (which I love!). At a minimum, you need to roll for Location, Detail, and Event as the players move to each new location. And it's not just the rolling, there is also the time spent flipping through pages to read the result of each roll. After doing that, I think I'd be unlikely to use other information from

Cards for Into the Odd and OSR Duels

Follow-up to my previous post on dueling rules for Into the Odd .  If you're using Emmy Allen's excellent rules for OSR duels or my modification of those rules to work with Into the Odd , it's useful to have a set of playing cards for each duelist to select their actions with. So I made some. Credit for the text to Emmy Allen. Click here for the Into the Odd  version: Or here for the generic OSR / D&D version: For either of these, you'll want to do File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf) , print them out at 100% scaling (i.e. "Actual Size"), and cut along the lines to make your cards. I'd recommend printing them onto some heavy cardstock, blackening the cut edge with a Sharpie, and putting them in standard-size card sleeves like these:  ht

Dueling Rules for Into the Odd

EDIT  Re-written and re-posted to remove endorsements of unworthy people . EDIT 2  I had a chance to use these rules in a recent game. They really worked! Clever selection of actions allowed one of my players to defeat an opponent who -- stat-wise -- absolutely out-ranked him. The amounts selected for the various bonuses seemed about right. The players remarked afterwards how fun that duel was. Anyways...  Recently, I mentioned that I was unhappy with the Into the Odd dueling rules that I made up mid-game. The always awesome Anne @ DIY & Dragons left a comment helpfully pointing me towards a set of OSR dueling rules by the excitingly excellent Emmy Allen @ Cavegirl's Game Stuff. After looking at Emmy's rules -- wow, that's a really good way to have a duel that seems like an event. And I think I can make them work with Into the Odd rules and stats. "Cavegirl" Dueling for Into the Odd (A lot of the text below is straight from Emmy's rul

No good words

I believe Mandy. I believe Jennifer. I believe Hannah.   I believe Vivka.   The manipulation, abuse, and pain they describe are unacceptable to me. I informed my players that our current campaign is immediately at an end. There was unanimous agreement. May Mandy, Jennifer, Hannah, Vivka and any other victims be surrounded by genuine kindness, friendship, and love. This blog is no longer a thing I am proud of. Too much of it reads as an endorsement of a person who deserved none. I plan to delete all of that content. Not to hide my shame at not realizing sooner, but so that no positive word about Zak S remains to influence anyone.